This post continues my updates for my work on porting frontera to python2/3 dual support.
This will be my final post. I have achieved my goal satisfactorily, frontera now works under both Python 2 and Python 3 for all the different scenarios such as with different DB’s(Postgres, Mysql, Hbase) and with different Messagebus implementations(Kafka, ZMQ). The latest release of Frontera - 0.6.0 now available on PyPI contains these changes.

I have also substantially increased the test coverage, now almost all the major components(Workers, Backends, Manager etc) are tested.
Here is a link to all of my commits

This period of 3 months has been invaluable to me, and I have learned a lot during it. I am greatly thanful to my mentors Alexander Sibiryakov and Paul Tremberth for working with me and helping me through this period. I would also like to thank my sub-organization Scrapinghub and my organization Python Software Foundation for selecting me. Finally I would like to thank Google for providing this opportunity to me and others.